This blog post will be a review of a blog similar to mine, in that they are both in the hiking category. Hiking Girl with Dog is a very established blog, she was awarded the top 100 hiking blog award. She has done an amazing job of producing interesting content in the hiking category.

Distinctly Different 

What I think sets this blog apart from others in its category, such as mine, is that she is specifically focusing on hiking with dogs. She posts about dog friendly hikes and trails and even camping trips, catering to a large group of people who like to bring their dog along on their adventures. This is especially important for me because I just got an 8 week old puppy and I am very excited to begin taking her on my hikes when she is fully vaccinated. Reading this blog gave me a lot of information about how to hike with a dog, and makes me very excited to bring my puppy along with me. I would recommend this blog for anyone with a canine companion looking for some great tips on how to hike with your dog.

Visually Appealing

Along with being informative, this blog is extremely visually appealing.  Each blog post has a multitude of pictures along with it. Not only are these pictures of beautiful scenery, but they also include her adorable dog, which is very pleasing to look at for any dog and nature lover.

Thoroughly Informative

Hiking Girl with Dog does an incredible job at creating not only visually pleasing content, but also extremely informative. I think this combination of the two components, pictures and information, is what makes her blog truly special. Reading about her hiking experience is so interesting, her voice in her work is so present and clear that I feel like I know her thoughts throughout her hikes. One of my favorite blog posts I’ve come across so far that I think is filled with the best information is called “5 Tips for Hiking with Dogs in the Summer”. Her “tips” are amazing, they are my favorite part of her blog. I was truly wondering how to keep my dog cool while hiking in Texas, where it is mostly hot. She answered so many questions I had.

In conclusion

Basically, I wish I would’ve thought to create a hiking blog also centered around my dog or dogs in general. Her content is interesting and informative and I strive for my blog to be more like hers. Keep doing you Hiking Girl with Dog, you’re amazing! If you would like to follow her, her Instagram username is hikinggirlwithdog, her Facebook page is called “Hiking Girl With Dog” and her twitter is @HikingGirlwDog.

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